Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Augury: new series in progress

Hecate's Crow and the Mugwort Moon (18" x 24")
Augment (thumbnail, in progress)

With the first thawing of the year the seeds of new stories send out rootlets.  Winding down, feeding on the rich soil winter made of our dreams and hurts and deaths.  They find what they need and hold on tight, breaking out of their capsule now in search of the warm light.  

They are growing into the mythology we need to believe in a new season; to make the most of ourselves in it.  We need only watch and listen for the words, the colors, the sounds calling to be woven into the magic.  

Aurora (20" x 28" approx)

Auricle (in progress, 22" x 40" approx)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nekhbet's Perfect Storm

Nekhbet's Perfect Storm.  January 2015.  24" x approx 15".  950.
black walnut ink, archival pen, white and black india ink on cold press watercolor paper.

Spent all of dawn frozen-
waiting for the answer-
fearing movement before knowing

and again, I see that Knowing,
like birth and like decay,
comes after courage

trust your toes
to take
a step

out of a step came a few feathers
falling away from the storm
and a few more

it was an entire wing

Spider webs
stretching long, curious roots
toward Earth.

catching the sticky parts of Dream.
empty Vessels overturned,
a moon silhouetting it all.

plans made
seeking to be tethered
to a Hand or Voice or Glance.

The Willingness to wake
and see
What comes.


Nightlight.  Winter Solstice 2014.  18" x 24."
Black walnut ink, archival pen, acrylic and watercolor paint on cold press paper.  975.

It's a clear cold dream
in the in-between
I'm a springtime babe
belly down
on winter's floor
And I can see the fire
glowing still
beneath the door

Awaking warm
to the sun's return
The water-
it took everything
I do not need.
Now my voice
forms from what's left
a single seed.

When we decide to love
Leave behind what never was
Breathe our relief
through mirrored smiles
to each other's hearts
And behind our eyes
we see our souls
have never been apart.