Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Augury: new series in progress

Hecate's Crow and the Mugwort Moon (18" x 24")
Augment (thumbnail, in progress)

With the first thawing of the year the seeds of new stories send out rootlets.  Winding down, feeding on the rich soil winter made of our dreams and hurts and deaths.  They find what they need and hold on tight, breaking out of their capsule now in search of the warm light.  

They are growing into the mythology we need to believe in a new season; to make the most of ourselves in it.  We need only watch and listen for the words, the colors, the sounds calling to be woven into the magic.  

Aurora (20" x 28" approx)

Auricle (in progress, 22" x 40" approx)