Thursday, May 13, 2010

end of the season

here are the pictures that Bri took of our joint venture at the Fine Arts Crits at Moore this week.  The feedback we received was almost all good...a certain professor thought the work we made together was stronger than anything we made individually!  We'll keep collaborating off and on to see how much further we can push it. 

Other end-of-the-school-year matters:

All panels from my fellowship show are going on sale.  I will bring them to my family's house in Maine, go door to door looking for somewhere to show them, and if nothing turns up I'll be considering etsy and otherwise word of mouth. 

I imagine I will take a blogging break for a while, as my summer will just be insane (To Maine next week to spend some quality time with my mother, father, sister and dog, then to Prague and Bohemia for a three-week seminar/studio intensive/sustainable farming experience, then back to Maine for a 24 hour regroup, then the next two months in San Francisco tagging along with artist Philip Hua.)

I may have time to write (I imagine very little in the way of images, however) depending on how much time I can stand being in front of a computer screen when there will be so much to see see see and do do do and oooooooo don't you just love the summertime?

So, until next time!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Bri Barton and I decided to see what happens if we collaborate.  Our positive experience as studio-mates this semester has lead us into a solid state of trust, which so far has prevented any hurt feelings as we rip up each other's old drawings, prints, collages, and paintings to make fresh work.  We are in the midst of an ongoing conversation about what it all means.  So far, everything is still in the "in-progress" category.