Thursday, May 1, 2014

heat and change

The warmth this month has brought with it a crescendo of big change, and all the energy I need to adapt and keep growing to the new, often unfamiliar beat.  The peas I put in the ground a few days ago were, on their fledgling night outside, pummeled by eight hours of thunderstorm, and I found many the next morning lying on top of the soil, unraveling a brave root in the morning sun.  I buried them again and the sun went into hiding for two days, though it stayed warm beneath the glorious cloudscape.  And this morning, when the sun rose and shone bright, those peas shot their first leaves up above the soil, ready for anything.  I am learning from them how to make the most of my own days, to be stubbornly adaptive and stay true to my goals.  Spring is quite a lot to take in after such a long time in our houses and heads.

These paintings, three still in progress, come from this dance I must create in response to the changing weather.  Often I am finding new liveliness in the dance, when my feet stumble into some hidden grace or joy.  And sometimes I must find buried courage to bend my heart or mind in ways that I fear will hurt.

Rapture April 2014- (in progress)

Winter's Bidding February 2014 

Heart, Hearth and Home February 2014

Equifox March 2014

Convalesce September 2013- (in progress)

Everything, Everywhere, Always December 2013- (in progress)    five thumbnails, followed by the big picture