Monday, April 20, 2015

Gather and Release. New works Spring 2015

The Texture of Endlessness.  Mixed media painting on paper.  18" x 24"  

An exploration of the deepening language.  Describing the space between biology and spirit: the origin of meaning and myth.  Finding meaning in myth.   Feeding roots on personal myth.   Allowing feelings to remain unattached to object.   Dancing with the changing landscape.

Gather and Release.  
opening at The Herbiary Thursday April 23rd, 630 pm.  29 N. Market St. Asheville

Many, Many Ways to Love the North.  Mixed media painting on paper.  24" x 18"

Nightlight.  Black walnut ink, acrylic and pen on paper.  18" x 24"

How it Gathers, How it Comes Apart.  Graphite, black walnut and india ink on paper.  Approx. 18" x 15"

Nekhbet's Perfect Storm.  Black walnut ink and india ink on paper.  Approx 24" x 12"
Heart, Hearth and Home.  Pen and graphite on paper.  Approx 15" x 11"
Mechanism of the Phoenix.  Black walnut ink, india ink and collage on paper.  18" x 24"

Hecate's Crow and the Mugwort Moon.  Mixed media painting on paper.  24" x 18"

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I saw the flames of Beltane on the horizon right on time, at the very beginning of April.  I stood in awe at the glow which promised intense change.  It made me stop to look at myself: could I really keep walking toward that fire?  It burns so tall and passionate!  Would it devour me whole?  I looked deep inside myself, and turned around to take in the landscape through which I had just walked.  

When I look back, I see green shoots growing along my path.  It occurs to me that I learned to grieve fully this winter, and each time I did, I coaxed another ghost from her hiding place inside of me.  I held her hand and showed her the love she had been needing.  She taught me how to love better, and I taught her how to receive what she asked me for.  Until we arrived in the place my body stood.  And put the seed of that moment into the earth.

Wisdom plants?

I saw how, in allowing myself to feel all of me who speaks up in response to each place, each person, each obstacle along my path, I have been planting my ghosts as seeds in the ground.  And I live in each of those seeds.  Each feeling felt becomes a blaze marking the way I have taken, and so when I look back for courage or wisdom, it is there and clear.  We are all always whole, and all always becoming.

The horizon made me turn this Spring because it asked me this question:
"If this fire takes your house, your money, your routine, your vista, your plans, what do you have? Are you still Home?  Are you still You?"

I made myself a promise, to allow my body to be home before anything else.  So long as I am home, my hands have the strength to do their work and my heart has the space to hold my family.  

It's how we can be free to walk through the flames that burn down our structures, our attachments, our plans.  And come out somehow more ourselves each time we do this.  I urge you to draw a blueprint for the home you are building within you.  It is a good tool for taking care of yourself, because you can step back and see all the places you're forgetting to keep clean and nourished.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Gather and Release: solo show at the Herbiary

Please join us on opening night!  I would love to hear stories from your dreams and dreams from your waking life.  I am happy to share a series I began creating when the sun began staying longer with the day.

The Herbiary is located at 29 N. Market St. in downtown Asheville.  Hope you can make it!