Monday, April 20, 2015

Gather and Release. New works Spring 2015

The Texture of Endlessness.  Mixed media painting on paper.  18" x 24"  

An exploration of the deepening language.  Describing the space between biology and spirit: the origin of meaning and myth.  Finding meaning in myth.   Feeding roots on personal myth.   Allowing feelings to remain unattached to object.   Dancing with the changing landscape.

Gather and Release.  
opening at The Herbiary Thursday April 23rd, 630 pm.  29 N. Market St. Asheville

Many, Many Ways to Love the North.  Mixed media painting on paper.  24" x 18"

Nightlight.  Black walnut ink, acrylic and pen on paper.  18" x 24"

How it Gathers, How it Comes Apart.  Graphite, black walnut and india ink on paper.  Approx. 18" x 15"

Nekhbet's Perfect Storm.  Black walnut ink and india ink on paper.  Approx 24" x 12"
Heart, Hearth and Home.  Pen and graphite on paper.  Approx 15" x 11"
Mechanism of the Phoenix.  Black walnut ink, india ink and collage on paper.  18" x 24"

Hecate's Crow and the Mugwort Moon.  Mixed media painting on paper.  24" x 18"

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