Friday, February 1, 2013

Spider and Kite

Hello all,

Spider and Kite opened last week in Philadelphia with a beautiful gathering of some of my favorite people from the city.  I was so inspired to see a microcosm of the wider creative community come together and talkto each other about art and music and gardening and writing and science and photography and dreams!  It became a little common space for everyone to collaborate, share and reflect...all I hoped it would do and more.

photo credit Katie Bentley

The installation itself came to life as people wrote down their stories, used the postcards, drew, left relics of their past and present, collaborated in poetry, rearranged or even remembered the objects nestled in the cubbies and strewn over the top.

 I saw how we all share common motifs in our lives--a turkey feather or antique locket can mean much to many people and become the perfect starting point for an exchange of anecdotes and reflections.

 photo credit Katie Bentley.  Leather journal depicted design and hand-made by Joe Kirby.
I will add photography of the exhibit to this entry as I receive it from several generous photographer friends who have or will visited Spider and Kite.  Bri will see this manifestation of her correspondence from her travels through Thailand, Indonesia, Australia for the first time in two weeks.  Both of us will continue to write to each other via the desk until then (if you see an unopened envelope on top of the desk when you're there, open it!  If you would like to go peruse and participate, it is in the lobby at Moore College of Art: 1916 Race St, Philadelphia.  Open now until mid-March. Enjoy!

Love, Jackie
photo credit Katie Bentley