Saturday, December 24, 2011

on mobility and making

It's been almost 8 months since I began my experiment in a mobile lifestyle.  Last Spring, I made a pact with myself to reduce my sum total of belongings to what could easily be stored in a couple of boxes, and my necessities to maintain a healthy lifestyle to what could fit in a pack and a small bag.  This was supposed to make a transition to living in close quarters on a bus with five from The Fuhrl collective more natural.

Even in my most optimistic moments before the big day when I handed the landlord my keys, I imagined I would struggle more with such a dramatic shift away from the material possessions, privacy, and personal nest to which I had always been accustomed.  But somehow, even tacking on the extra four months we waited for the bus to come out of the shop (which, so it seems, it HAS!), I am happy.  Happy with my backpack and a half, with the generous community I've been living among.

The only explanation I can muster for this sense of fulfillment is that it must result from the ways I spend my energy when I don't have the following options:

a) hiding in my room with my computer
b)spending money on entertainment or unnecessary food
c)buying new art supplies
d)NOT making art

options B and D are simply not in my budget.  the lack of option A is an interesting situation...because it marks an actual reversal of the average stable lifestyle most of us exist in: as a mobile person, or transient if you like, being indoors means being with people.  If I want solitude, I go outside.  And that, in combination with all the others, I think is what has caused so much growth in the past eight months.  When I am indoors, I am actively participating in a community (satisfying a, I think, human need for a sense of home and groundedness). 

My studio practice has mushroomed since I left my apartment.  In my sketchbook, I've had a lot of time to feel out new concepts, textures, and compositions.  This was a practice sorely lacking through school, when I had money to spend in my free-time:

Somehow, when I am limited to my sketchbook, a few pens, and whatever materials I can find lying around, a compulsiveness to problem-solve, innovate takes hold.  Ideas flow, I'm more motivated to follow through, and my process is strengthened by the input and collaboration from the people that are almost always around me while I work.  Actually, I think I've gained a lot of artistic fodder observing other peoples aesthetics as they manifest in their living spaces.  At this point, the idea of returning to the habit of regular art-supply runs or convenient working surfaces (pre-stretched canvas or fine papers) does not appeal.  It's much more fun to respond to the challenge of the recycling bin or a pile of scrap wood from a construction dumpster, or the plywood and house paint in my parent's basement, and maybe a page torn from an old dictionary:

P.S.  I think (crossing fingers/knock on wood) we are taking the bus to inspection this week!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stream of Consciousness drawings...from the past 30 days in Philly

Depending upon response, I may have a number of these drawings, namely the black and white line-drawings, made into prints (silkscreen) to offer for sale on a new Etsy account.  In any case, this group illustrates the direction my studio practice has been moving since the last series of panels I posted in July.  More to come in the next couple of weeks.

New collaborative drawings by Max Doyle and Jackie Maloney

My buddy Max and I have been playing with little black pens for a couple of weeks now in my sketchbook, co-authoring drawings and poetry that seems to come from some kind of secret garden in our subconscious.  The four drawings below relate thematically, each prompted by the idea of a Highly Evolved Female Tuning Pretty Hard into the Cosmos.  Though, the fourth drawing made apparent the possibility of a whole new direction (it's a different animal from the others, no?)

Heady Duck Momma
Our Lady of Road Harvests to Come

Madame ?
Mycelial Madonna

If the response to these is promising, we plan to have silkscreens made for sale.  Holler if you dig 'em!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preparing to hit the road...and start a new series!

Hello!  It's looking like two weeks at most before I board Loki the Space Bus with a bunch of musicians, visual artists, writers, a carpenter, career travelers, and chefs from The Fuhrl Arts Collective and our extended network. 

Our mission statement for the trip is on the wordpress site we on the second link above to access that.  

 I will, in addition to helping to document the trip visually and in writing, be working on a series of paintings/collages inspired by the passing landscapes and the experiences I have on this wild trip.  They will be on a series of wooden panels, so they should travel well and hang on a wall quite easily, and in the sizes of 4"x4"x2", 5"x5"x1", and 6"x6"x1".  The two most recent posts on this blog are comparable to the way I'll be working, though on the road there is bound to be more collage than paint.

If any of you would like to reserve a piece from this series, let me know!  I think it would be interesting to be able to send these pieces from the locations that inspired them to you via post, and I need to purchase the materials (paint, panels, and matte medium) before the trip, so I am using a model a good artist friend of mine came up with for her trips to Italy. She accepts checks in advance to fund the materials and time spent making art abroad, and returns with the finished work and delivers them to her sponsors. I should be returning just before the holiday season, so all artwork will be sent from our various adventures around this country, at latest, just prior to mid-December.

The prices of the work are standardized, based on material cost, postage, and the time I know works of this size generally take to complete.  


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

summer studio sessions part II

...and a few more, which I worked on the same week as those in the previous post

Sunday, August 7, 2011

summer studio sessions part I

Kerdieekrdaad spent the unbearably hot portion of the past couple weeks in her ethereal air conditioned studio.  I came out with a series of 12 3" square paintings and Bri is going to town on a bunch of source material with her exacto.  Here are the first five:

Monday, May 2, 2011


Kaley is a magical dragonfly.  She was my first enthusiastic volunteer for this new series.  I am going to see if I can match insects to my various human canvases based on their personality and physical presence, then draw those insects on their backs, drawing vague analogies between the two anatomies.   Should be a good time for all.

can't decide between color and black and white, I welcome your feedback on the matter.