Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preparing to hit the road...and start a new series!

Hello!  It's looking like two weeks at most before I board Loki the Space Bus with a bunch of musicians, visual artists, writers, a carpenter, career travelers, and chefs from The Fuhrl Arts Collective and our extended network. 

Our mission statement for the trip is on the wordpress site we on the second link above to access that.  

 I will, in addition to helping to document the trip visually and in writing, be working on a series of paintings/collages inspired by the passing landscapes and the experiences I have on this wild trip.  They will be on a series of wooden panels, so they should travel well and hang on a wall quite easily, and in the sizes of 4"x4"x2", 5"x5"x1", and 6"x6"x1".  The two most recent posts on this blog are comparable to the way I'll be working, though on the road there is bound to be more collage than paint.

If any of you would like to reserve a piece from this series, let me know!  I think it would be interesting to be able to send these pieces from the locations that inspired them to you via post, and I need to purchase the materials (paint, panels, and matte medium) before the trip, so I am using a model a good artist friend of mine came up with for her trips to Italy. She accepts checks in advance to fund the materials and time spent making art abroad, and returns with the finished work and delivers them to her sponsors. I should be returning just before the holiday season, so all artwork will be sent from our various adventures around this country, at latest, just prior to mid-December.

The prices of the work are standardized, based on material cost, postage, and the time I know works of this size generally take to complete.