Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two shows two cities

Hello all!  Been a busy beaver in my little room in Asheville, getting ready to install two shows in two different cities, two weeks from each other!  It's a great time of birth and momentum for me, and though the pace is a bit frantic this week I'm grateful to be living so fully within my passion.

I'm looking forward to catching up with many of my dear friends and family, as I will be spending two weeks each in Philadelphia and Maine around the installation and openings of each exhibition.

Spider and Kite (formerly titled Spider and Sparrow, to clear up the confusion with the image) is an installation around the correspondence between Bri and me, which has been evolving over the past year as we take flight in our own directions.  The piece is an open writing desk, housing our letters and drawings we've been mailing back and forth, objects that have become meaningful or symbolic parts of our tales of adventure and discovery.  The desk is not full...we intend it to invite collaboration from our communities and viewers, emphasizing the importance of reflecting on and sharing your unique story.  You may add a piece of your story as you see fit to the installation, or write it to a friend on one of the stamped, blank postcards provided on the writing surface.  We are all dynamic threads in the human myth, spiders weaving a collective web, birds free to fly after our own dreams.

Dream Medicine is two recent bodies of watercolor and ink paintings.  This has been an exploration of dreams, spirituality and the meaning I see just behind an ever thinning veil of the everyday.  Influencing and enriching my day and night dreams and visions are archetypes (animal, mystical, or energetic) from First Nation storytellers (native North Americans), aboriginal cultures from Australia and Oceania, Greek mythology about constellations and sky beings, the astrological tradition, American folk music, and Jung's foray into the shadow and the subconscious.  All of these living threads of human myth enrich and deepen my own connection to the present moment.  They paint into my mind's eye vibrant images and symbols empowering me to understand and express the truth I find in my relationship to a moment, thought, person or pattern. 

Click on the photos for more information, and feel free to email me with any inquiries about either! (jacquelinekmaloney@gmail)