Monday, February 24, 2014

work, frozen to thawing


This winter brought with it dark and poignant dreams, gradual and vibrant discoveries, and a new acceptance for the times mystery and the unfamiliar come forth without the comfort of clarity or understanding.  There have been times I have reached out seeking answers and only retrieved mud, but I am learning that a handful of mud has a distinct texture, smell, temperature and weight.  It takes patience to learn the words for what we are experiencing or noticing for the first time.  The new does not want to be gripped too tightly; it will squirm away from you first.

I think because so often I was without words for my experiences, I allowed simple and automatic symbols to flow from my fingers instead.  I have found comfort in the practice of drawing quickly and often, though meaning is so slow to catch up.  Sometimes, meditation brings inklings of stories or themes behind this work, though I do not pretend yet to see the whole.  The titles of the pieces reflect how young is my relationship to this particular body of work.  I do see reflected in my drawing a desire to accept all the shifts and surprises each day brings, as I search for home in my connection to place, person, dream, and self.

before broken

map home