Friday, August 28, 2009

Sculpture, Framed

First creative act of the fall semester, in response to a Mixed Media assignment from Frank Hyder. The only parameter for the assignment was a single word, fusion, and that it had to be mixed media.

I tried to discuss the relationship between the canvas and the third dimension, and also between 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional art. I tried to fuse each component in each of these relationships. My answer to the problem was to suspend between empty stretcher bars long vertical drawings, two in vine charcoal, one in ink. I then tried to simlulate the shape and line in each drawing with three dimensional black thread. To avoid adding another element to the excercise, I used vine charcoal, the same I'd drawn with, wrapped within the thread to add bulk in the appropriate places. The wire on which the piece hangs is visible, in an attempt to make the conversation I'm having a little more obvious. Perhaps, though, that's too literal.

My other professor Moe Brooker suggested not limiting myself to the square, flattish format, and thinking about the spatial possibilities of such a discussion (fill an entire room with sculptural and flat lines, or, if I want it in the same plane, and entire wall). I'm inspired to pursue this further now. I think this will remain a study for something grander

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  1. yo yo yo, got a preview of this on Mom's blackberry while eastbound on the thruway. glad you're keeping it going while reimmersing. is that a word? love you, Jack. Dad.