Monday, September 28, 2009

getting mileage out of that string

Now I'm painting from the string spaces. Which is a challenge, when I'm working in oil and refuse to use a three haired brush. I don't think I'll be painting them as forms after this one, because, to be frank, I think blown up, fat looking string in a painting looks cheesy. I may be using them as flat color in the next painting as a way to break up the composition geometrically.

But the solvent saturated paint that being thrown around in the background of this piece, SO much fun!

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    I'm up way, way too early. Thought I'd check out your site, love your stuff, I think what I like about your work or rather your attitude to your work is that you're so obviously fully committed to it. Not just dipping your toe in the water but fully immersed. On a complete different subject I see ye old man all the time now, he opened that door for me so I'm grateful. Have a productive day!
    Best, C.