Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La Fragua in Photos

These photos pair with the sketches nicely; I just got them back from the outlab yesterday.  Though, when I was taking shots to correspond to my poem about the Spanish dawn (see excerpt below), I didn't realize I had black and white film in the camera.  That was a bummer but is a little funnier this morning.

"Haven't ever seen a dawn
like the one that stole the big Spanish sky 
this morning, in the campo, outside El Pueblo.

The foamy quilt of a cloud
over the convent wall
lit crisp
pink and orange from beneath,
it's backdrop:
clear and cold
but the color of equatorial waters.

Even the chuckling, weathered laborers
from within the slightly warmer glow
of the old construction room
onthe ground floor of the convent
could appreciate the exceptionally 

It put them in proper spirits for a photograph--
smiles forming a rough horizontal division
across the upper third of the

Fran, too
escaped back to the world of employed men
after a couple too many weeks in the realm of 
forced idleness
and newborns.

Now the pink has been replaced
by a color better suited to the temperature.
All except my chest and writing hand
has surrendered to it.

The last heat from Javi's breakfast of Champions
churros! churros! churros!
and cafe con leche
all that keeps me writing..."
January 5 2011

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  1. I actually love that these photos are b/w; there is something about the moodiness that is a beautiful contrast/complement to the poem - which I happen to love. Also enjoyed your previous few entries, which I'd not seen. Your work gets better and better all the time Let your work be yours, do that which you are compelled to do, and allow the beauty of the way you see and express the world around you flow right through your skilled hand!