Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Convalesce. Summer 2013-Summer 2015.

Some stories must be given space an time to unfold.  And a good storyteller knows to be an open gate for the right words and meanings to flow through them on the way into many ears.  These gatekeepers need not grab on to the details of the story passing through--we only do this out of fear of leaving a moment behind.  Rather, all details are already enough, already moving as they will.  Let them pass by into you and out again, as they come.  Inspiration is a synonym for inhalation.  Expiration is another way to say exhalation.  The seed and the death.

 It just takes a steady love and curiosity, a dance into the depth of the story and back out again to it's edge to see the fabric it weaves--the truth and the heart of it.

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