Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was playing with the idea that pop culture can infiltrate even the most spontaneous gestures. With some books reflecting our celebrity culture (Life compendiums, fashion guides, products of fan followings, etc.) sitting in front of me, I dragged out my brightest pastels and worked on top of a torn up oil painting on paper. when I became overwhelmed, I started digging at the surface of the paper, uncovering the white, with metal clay-working tools.

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  1. Hey Jackie:
    I'm impressed that not only have you started this blog, but that you continue to update it with new work and musings.

    I am enjoying seeing the direction your work is taking - and particularly like the details of this newest LOUD work. The world really is loud, isn't it?

    Am looking forward to seeing you soon; and will do my best to keep up with your work on-line.