Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Urbal. A Sixteen-Panel Abstract Drawing. The whole process of making this work yielded an efflux of thoughts, streams of consciousness, rhythms, and discussions all surrounding issues of home and creativity. Because I was raised in Maine, moving to Philadelphia was quite the leap. I have experienced all sorts of tensions and contradictions that result from creating in such a foreign, busy, regulated, stimulating, and often overwhelming environment. With these drawings, I was asking myself these questions:

Why do I find myself at my creative peak in the midst of such a non-organic environment? How is this possible? Is it possible for an organic aesthetic to harmonize with that of the city? How can I slow down in this fast new world? How is my creativity affected when I get bogged down in the fast rigidity of the city? What life exists in the city? What structure exists in the country? What gets lost in the city, the country? How have both environments shaped and contributed to my artwork? My life?

While I did not find answers to all above questions through the creation of this series, I did make progress, and my art was much changed. Layers of work in the same space became the perfect method of feeling out my conflicts and never getting stuck in one mode of thought or a single answer/solution. I've found that my heart really lies in the process of layering drawings and materials in my art, and I've been exploring this direction since.


  1. Jackie,
    Nice blog, very cool artwork, will be following your emunctions.

    Best, Charles

  2. When I think of your art I think of this and your self-portraits. It is the process that you went through in making this piece that I really admire. It may be interesting if you do a similar piece but use a different process, such as staying up once you start it untill you finish it, and see how different it comes out. Also, your motifs are well chosen, your state of mind well expressed, and your layers make me jealous. If for no other reason, this is a masterstroke because of the configuration, stucture, and use of your panels.

    Here's ta you, tooke.