Sunday, June 21, 2009


I just started a subscription to Cabinet, a non profit quarterly based in Brooklyn that you should really check out. Its about EVERYTHING; I haven't encountered this degree of well-written eclectic-ness (does ecelctic have a noun-form?) before in a periodical. The only thing that holds one issue together is a broad, one-word theme and four columns that are not necessarily related to that theme. The summer issue's theme is Deception (Spring was Fire). The columns are called "inventory", "ingestion", "colors", and "leftovers", and always relate to their titles. And every issue has a tear-out postcard or bookmark.
In Deception, I just learned about some of Kubrick's obsessive directions in The Shining, a history of the relationship between cops and robbers, a history of card tricks, and an exploration of the difference between real and counterfeit money, with context in America and NIgeria and input from Derrida and Lenin. And I've only read about a quarter of the quarterly.

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